Cindy's Kitchen Remodel: Crafting the Perfect Space


A well-designed kitchen is not only a beautiful and inviting space but also highly functional and tailored to suit the homeowner's specific needs. Our recent client, Cindy, a Los Angeles resident, approached us with a clear list of features she wanted to incorporate into her dream kitchen. We were excited to collaborate with her and bring her vision to life, resulting in a stunning and efficient kitchen remodel. Keep reading to learn how we tackled Cindy's unique requests and created the kitchen she had always imagined.

The Vision

Cindy had a clear idea of what she wanted her dream kitchen to be: a space that combined style, function, and personalized features. Her wish list included deep drawers for pots and pans storage, ample walking space to avoid tight areas when entering the kitchen, a two-toned kitchen design, a 39"H - 40"H completed installation height, and most importantly, a jumbo island with a seamless countertop. Our team carefully considered her needs and preferences, working together to design a plan that would make her dream kitchen a reality.

Deep Drawers: Convenient Storage Solution


One of Cindy's top priorities was having deep drawers for easy access and organization of her pots and pans. Our deep drawer cabinet design incorporated spacious, full-extension drawers that allowed her to store her cookware efficiently, keeping everything within reach while also maintaining a sleek, clutter-free look. The addition of soft-close hinges ensured the drawers' durability and smooth operation, adding a touch of luxury to the kitchen.

Ample Walking Space: Comfort and Functionality

To create a comfortable and functional kitchen, Cindy emphasized the importance of ample walking space between tight areas when entering the kitchen. Our design team carefully considered the kitchen layout, ensuring that the placement of cabinets, appliances, and the island would provide optimal space for movement. By doing so, we not only made the kitchen more user-friendly but also created an open and welcoming atmosphere for family and friends to gather.

Striking Two-Tone Kitchen Design: Cindy's Vision of Elegance and Contrast Comes to Life

Cindy, a discerning customer with an eye for style, sought to create a striking two-tone kitchen that would serve as the centerpiece of her home. She envisioned a design where the main cabinets were a pristine white, radiating a sense of cleanliness and sophistication, while the island stood out in bold black, providing a stunning contrast that would catch the eye of every visitor. Carefully balancing modernity and timelessness, this unique color scheme not only highlighted Cindy's desire for an elegant yet practical space but also allowed for a variety of decor styles to be seamlessly incorporated. The end result was a harmonious blend of form and function, perfectly reflecting Cindy's personality and making her dream kitchen a reality.

Jumbo Island: A Seamless Centerpiece

The focal point of Cindy's dream kitchen was an expansive island featuring a seamless countertop. Although we couldn't create the original 140" length she desired, we successfully sourced a larger quartz slab than she could find on her own and designed an impressive 131" island. This sizable and elegant island provided abundant space for food preparation, casual dining, and entertaining. Functional features built into the island design includes a pullout trash can drawer, farmhouse style sink, dishwasher, and built-in base microwave cabinet. The premium quartz countertop not only presented a stunning appearance but also ensured durability and easy upkeep. The seamless design of the countertop further enhanced the island's visual allure, crafting a breathtaking centerpiece that unified the entire kitchen.

Behind the Scenes

Before Cindy began the remodeling process, we created a detailed 3D kitchen model to showcase the planned design and layout, helping Cindy visualize her dream kitchen.

Working back and forth with her had generated four revision drafts before she was happy with moving forward with her order. The photos showcased here is the final 3D model version we created.

On this project, Cindy sourced her cabinet material, countertop stone, and handle hardware with us. The installation was done by a contractor she sourced on her own. Due to this fact, we created special instructions for her contractor to reference, so Cindy's installation could run smoothly. The photos showcased here includes the detailed instructions we shared with her contractor.


Cindy's Completed Kitchen Remodel

With the project complete, Cindy's kitchen has been transformed into the stunning, functional, and personalized space she always wanted. Check out photos of the finished remodel here!

Ready to Create Your Dream Kitchen?

If Cindy's story has inspired you to design a kitchen that caters to your unique needs and preferences, we'd love to help! Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to making your dream kitchen a reality.

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Example FABC Direct Quote Breakdown for Cindy's Kitchen Remodeling Project

Materials Description Cost
Cabinet Materials RTA solid birch wood cabinets with soft-close hinges; combination of painted White Shaker and stained Charcoal Black Shaker; additional material required for 39"H-40"H completed installation height $11,025
Stone Materials Arctic White Quartz $2,145
Cabinet Handles Complimentary selection $0
Delivery Fee Delivery of cabinets, stone materials, and handles $120
Installation Fees
Cabinet Installation Includes support material required to install the base cabinets to 39"H - 40"H $5,000
Stone Countertop Fabrication and Installation Includes plywood material required for installation, and installation of bar sink and farmhouse sink $3,100
Appliance Installation Range, hood, refrigerator $500
Total Project Cost $21,770


Please note that this is an example quote breakdown as of May 5th, 2023. The quote considers the details as filled in the table, and applies only to the kitchen project.

Should a client be remodeling the kitchen and other rooms at the same time, a bulk discount order can be discussed, therefore the prices provided can have some wiggle room, depending on the entire project scope.

In addition, actual costs may vary depending on the specific materials selected by our clients, should they want or need something different than quoted above.

Lastly, labor rates may also differ in different areas, and within different deadlines per the client needs. Note that Cindy only purchased her materials through us, and had already been working with her own contractor prior to finding out about our store to source her materials. The labor quotes provided are FABC Direct labor charges, in the Los Angeles area, provided as a reference for our blog reader audience.

*Cindy is a placeholder name for the client. Actual name of the client is not revealed, for customer privacy.*

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